Financial Advisory

We partner with individuals who value the fundamental things of life,
not just return or interest rates. We understand that your finances matter,
but where your funds go matters most. This is why we partner with
conscientious individuals, partners, and businesses who are willing
to take our business advice and apply them to achieve their
financial goals and commitments.

No matter your financial objectives, you can always count on TCL to provide a plan and
payment structure that fits into your budget. With unrestricted access to our team,
we aspire to grant you the reliability and confidence you and your
family need for a better and more financially secure future.

Features and Benefits

Investment Opportunities

We offer attractive interest rates which are payable on the 26th of every month. We assist our clients with funds management by creating profitable portfolios that advocate and facilitate ventures in Nigeria.

Trust Funding

Ensure your children have a better chance at a bright future. We provide financial security as a trustee to the respective beneficiaries on behalf of the clients.

Short-Term “Venture Capital Type” Opportunities

Your personal information is secure with us, we ensure that your details are verified and protected.


We provide loans to salary earners and business owners who need an efficient way to access extra funds for constantly rising financial needs.